Khan Pallob Senior Study Abroad Counselor of Conceptum 3G | Conceptum 3G | Coaching Center Gulshan, Dhaka.
Khan Pallob Senior Counselor of Conceptum 3GT

Khan Pallob

Head Advisor
Foreign University Admission and Visa
application Services
Conceptum 3G

Call: 01711316745

Study Abroad Counselor

Khan Pallob, a seasoned professional in the realm of educational
counseling. Khan specializes in guiding Bangladeshi students towards achieving
their academic aspirations by facilitating university admissions in the USA, UK,
Canada, and Australia.


  • 17 years of Experience in foreign University and Visa
  • 95% visa success rate
  • Caring and passionate guidance
  • Placing students in top Ranking universities to match their


  • Evaluation
  • University Selection
  • Error-Free Application preparation
  • Application Submission
  • Providing professional support to get I-20, CAS, COE or LOE
  • Visa Application
  • Mock Visa Interview
  • Career Counseling
  • Support finding suitable accommodation
  • Dedicated mentor from start to end of the complete process
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Study Abroad with Low scores in O/A-levels, HSC, Bachelor and IELTS

Senior Study Abroad Counselor of Conceptum 3G | Khan Pallob

Khan Pallob comprehensive services extend beyond application
assistance, covering the intricacies of visa applications to the respective embassies.
Khan’s journey into educational counseling began during his student days in the
UK, where he successfully completed his Bachelor’s degree. Having experienced
life as an international student, he intimately understands the challenges and
aspirations that come with such an endeavor. During his student years, Khan
actively assisted fellow students with their university and visa applications,
discovering a passion for facilitating educational pursuits. Now, as a dedicated professional, Khan channels his expertise to help students at
Conceptum 3g achieve their dreams of studying in top-ranking universities, all
while ensuring the process aligns with their budget. His commitment extends to not
only securing admissions but also advocating for the highest possible scholarships
to further ease the financial aspects of students’ academic journeys.
With a deep-seated passion for guiding students through the complexities of
international education, Khan takes pride in contributing to the fulfillment of
dreams and the cultivation of future leaders.

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Conceptum 3G

Address: Flat- A1, Plot- 3G, Road -104, Gulshan- 2, (Opposite to Manarat International School Dhaka), Dhaka 1212  

Phone: 01711-316745                                        


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Conceptum 3G Coaching Center in Gulshan

Address: Flat- A1, Plot- 3G, Road -104, Gulshan- 2, (Opposite to Manarat International School Dhaka), Dhaka 1212

Phone: +88 01711-316745


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